Monday, August 27, 2012

Fall 2012 Game Schedule

9/08SAT4:00pm@El Camino SalinasConstitution Field #7 (1440 Constitution Boulevard, Salinas CA 93906, Salinas) [Map]WHITE
9/15SAT10:45am@SF Athena Crocker Amazon #3 (1500 Geneva Aver, San Francisco) [Map]WHITE
9/16SUN 4:00pm@ Ajax East BaySunset Park Athletic Complex C (655 Sunset Rd, Brentwood, CA 94513) [Map]WHITE
9/22SAT12:00pm@ Los Gatos WildcatsFisher Middle School (19195 Fisher Ave, Los Gatos, CA 95032) [Map]WHITE
9/29SATAll DayTournament: Davis Legacy PremierDLSC (105D El Macero, Davis, CA 95618) [Map]
9/30SUNAll DayTournament: Davis Legacy PremierDLSC (105D El Macero, Davis, CA 95618) [Map]
10/6SAT9:00amCV JaguarsSSC2 (Sunnyvale)RED
10/13SAT12:00pmSalinas El CaminoSSC1 (Sunnyvale)RED
10/20SATTBD@CV JaguarsSan Jose City College (2100 Moorpark Ave, San Jose) [Map]WHITE
10/27SATAll DayTournament: Adidas Placer CupTBD (Sacramento)
10/28SUNAll DayTournament: Adidas Placer CupTBD (Sacramento)
11/3SAT3:00pmAjax East BaySSC3 (Sunnyvale)RED
11/10SAT3:00pmLos Gatos WildcatsSSC1 (Sunnyvale)RED
11/17SAT3:00pmSF AthenaNimitz (Sunnyvale) [Map]RED


9/8@ El Camino Real Salinas2-0 WAudrey, GraceHazel
9/15@ SF Athena2-0 WAnna, HannahHazel
9/16@ Ajax East Bay4-1 LHannahHazel
9/22@ Los Gatos Wildcats1-0 LNoneHazel



- Hannah 2
- Anna 1
- Audry 1
- Grace 1
- Hannah 1
Goal Keeper:

- Hazel - 4 Gms, 5 GA, 1.250 GAA, 2 Shutouts

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Juventus TOC Schedule

Here is the schedule for the Juventus Legends Tournament of Champions:

Game #1
Opponent: Atletico Santa Rosa Rampage
Date: Friday, Aug 3
Warmup Time: 1:00pm
Game Time: 2:00pm
Location: Red Morton Park (McG Field) - 1120 Roosevelt Ave, Redwood City, CA 94061-1469 [Map]

Game #2
Opponent: Cal Blues Shock
Date: Saturday, Aug 4
Warmup Time: 7:00am
Game Time: 8:00am
Location: Sequoia High School - 1201 Brewster Ave, Redwood City, CA 94062 (THIS IS A TURF FIELD) [Map]

Game #3
Opponent: Juventus Legends
Date: Saturday, Aug 4
Warmup Time: 4:30pm
Game Time: 5:30pm
Location: Red Morton Park (RM 49er Field) - 1120 Roosevelt Ave, Redwood City, CA 94061-1469 [Map]

Game #4 - Semi Finals
Opponent: TBD
Date: Sunday, Aug 5
Warmup Time: 7:00am
Game Time: 8:00am
Location: Red Morton Park (RM 49er Field) - 1120 Roosevelt Ave, Redwood City, CA 94061-1469 [Map]

Game #5 - Championship Final
Opponent: TBD
Date: Sunday, Aug 5
Warmup Time: 1:30pm
Game Time: 2:30pm
Location: Hoover Park (South Field) - 749 Charter St, Redwood City, CA 94063-2960 [Map]

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

4/15/12 Game Recap (2-2 Tie)

Clara patrolled
the midfield
The stars aligned in all the wrong places on Sunday as the Devils scratched out a 2-2 tie against a feisty Mount Hamilton PAC Lighting squad in East San Jose. Playing on a field that’s best described as a “jungle”, the Devils overcame a 2-0 deficit to salvage a point in the standings with a pair of late goals.

The playing surface at Matsumoto School in San Jose was deplorable, with uncut gas extending above the ankles. It was a far cry from the pristine pitches of the Sunnyvale Soccer Complex. The tall grass played a pivotal role in the game, as the Devils were unable to utilize any team speed in attacks.

Sunnyvale was also without their goaltender for the first half of the game, which also bit the Devils.

The Lightning took advantage of the Devils roster issue in the 12th minute, punting a ball over the Sunnyvale backline, then lofting a shot over Kelly for the game’s first goal.

Audrey missed on a partial breakaway in the 20th minute, pushing a shot wide left.

A Devils shot
is deflected
The Lightning made it 2-0 in the 22nd minute on another lofting shot. Anna replaced Kelly in the goal, but the height of both players were factors on the high arcing shots. Similar to the first goal, Mount Hamilton booted a ball past the defense then pooched a long shot from distance over the outstretched arms of the Devils goal keeper.

Sunnyvale regrouped at halftime and focused on pressing matters. Overall the early start time, the field and a disorganized attack all contributed to the Devils difficulty in generating many offensive chances.

Jess Jess surprised everyone with an offensive run up the left side, uncorking a shot that was gloved by the Lighting keeper.

The ankle high grass
hindered the attack
The Devils finally converted off a penalty kick after Mount Hamilton was called for a hand ball in the box. Marlene scored her 3rd goal of the season, sliding a low shot to the right corner.

Clara played a strong game, patrolling the midfield, and shutting down any further threats from the Lighting.

With the clock winding down, the Devils were forced to press in order to score the equalizer. Audrey tied it in the 66th min after Karsyn looped a lead pass over the defense from behind the mid-line. Audrey raced up field and slid a shot past the Lightning keeper.

Game Positives --

- Fought at the end to salvage the tie

- Communication was better

- Defense played well in the 2nd half

Development Areas --

- Abandoned organizational approach to attacking

- Vision on attacks needs to be better.

- Got caught repeatedly by offside trapping

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4/14/12 Game Recap (3-0 Win)

Christene clears
a ball safely
out of the back end
The Devils played their first road game of the season, traveling to Aptos to take on the Santa Cruz (SCC) Breakers at Cabrillo College. The Devils bounced back from their tough loss to SF Athena a week earlier, turning in a 3-0 win over Santa Cruz.

In a complete turnaround from a week earlier, the Devils failed to play with the panache they showed against Athena, relying on more of a brute force attack than the beautiful game they turned in 7 days before. Sunnyvale would be rewarded with a victory, but the outcome didn’t fit the performance.

Part of the issue was the early lead Sunnyvale claimed in the contest. Once they established the buffer on the scoreboard, the level of play fell off. Part of that may have been attributed to the lack of practice earlier in the week because of the nasty weather that closed the Devils training facilities.

Karsyn's free kick
sailed just high
That early lead came courtesy of a pair of goals inside the first 12 minutes of the game.

Marlene drilled a shot in the 4th min after taking a lateral pass from Audrey on the left side. The shot knuckled a bit, crossing up the Breakers goal keeper who dove over the ball as it headed to the back of the net.

Anna made it 2-0 in the 11th minute, taking a diagonal feed from Audrey. Anna received it on her right boot, carried it forward two steps then ripped a shot that caught the inside of the left corner.

She just missed on a one time chance in the air after Marlene sent a cross from the left corner in the 31st minute.

Audrey fights
for position
Audrey missed on a breakaway in the 37th min pushing a shot wide right after Kelly sent a pass up the left side.

Audrey was fouled in the box in the 56th min after she gained a step on a Breakers defender and carried the ball into the box. A tackle from behind brought down the Devils striker, setting up a free shot that Anna deposited for the 3-0 lead.

Hazel posted her second shutout of the season, making several saves in the 2nd half that could have been trouble for Sunnyvale. Her best save came on a crossing attempt that was launched on goal from the top of the 18.

Game Positives --

- The girls put the ball on goal and were rewarded

- The backline was solid all game, controlling the front of their own goal

- The goaltending was solid

Development areas--

- Possession play was not the top priority

- Communication was lacking, which resulted in several turnovers

- There was a let down in intensity in the 2nd half, which allowed the opponent to generate several scoring chances.

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Monday, April 9, 2012

4/8/12 Game Recap (2-1 Loss)

Marlene scored
for Sunnyvale
The Devils turned in what may have been their most impressive performance as a team on Sunday, but succumb to a late goal to fall to visiting San Francisco Athena 2-1 at the Sunnyvale Soccer Complex. The girls put on a magnificent display of passing and ball control throughout most of the contest. Several multi-combination plays were strung together all afternoon.

As Coach Sonya said after the match, “it was the best game you’ve ever lost.”

The outcome on the scoreboard was a cruel fate after such a fine performance by the girls.

Surrendering early goals has become one hole that the team needs to figure out how to address. Athena scored in the 6th minute after pushing the ball to the top of the 18 then cutting back on the Devils defense. The Athena forward positioned the ball after making the about face and fired it just inside the right post for the early 1-0 lead.

Anna jockey
for position
The defense settled down, but the goal would play a big role in eventual outcome. Ruhi, Karsyn, Jess and Lindsay shut down the big Athena shots by playing a tighter approach.

Marlene tied it in the 23rd minute after Audrey and Anna worked a combination at the top of the box. Anna took a shot that the keeper couldn't handle. As the ball trickled the keeper’s left, Marlene swooped in and cleaned up on the doorstep.

Athena had an apparent goal overturned in the 40th min after an off side call was made by the assistant referee.

Anna controlled the middle of the field after that scoring attempt, playing a solid game at center mid.

Kelly just misses
on a corner
Audrey fired a shot off the keeper two minutes later after Kelly vaulted a pass up the left sideline. The save prevented Sunnyvale from grabbing the lead as the end of the contest approached.

Athena exploited the left side in the 55th minute, chipping a ball past the defense then shooting on an angle from left to right, slipping a ball past Hazel.

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

4/1/12 Game Recap (1-0 Win)

Grace mixes it up
Devils98 kicked off their 9th season as an organized girls soccer team, playing in their second season at the Gold level in CCSL. After a rough fall season, the Devils battled to a hard fought 1-0 win over the visiting Ajax East Bay at the Sunnyvale Soccer Complex.

Playing with a thin roster, the Devils opened their 2012 Spring Season on a chilly SSC field against an AJAX roster that totaled 19 players. Wind gusts blew most of the game in an easterly direction, giving the game more of a late fall feel, than that of game being played in early April.

Ajax took early control of the game, showing off their team speed by pursuing the Devils kickoff deep into the Sunnyvale end. The Devils back-liners were pressed into action early as Ajax pushed the ball in an around the 18 from the onset.

Clara played
a strong game
The first salvo of shots was fired by Ajax as a pair of lateral passes just outside the small box crossed to a player on the right side. A blistering shot sailed into the Devils net, but the offside flag went up to nullify the goal.

The play served as a wake-up call for the Devils, who immediately marched down the field setup their own scoring chance. Clara took a long from the back line at midfield in the 4th minute, then carried diagonally toward the middle of the field. She then made a pass to Grace, who was positioned at the top of the arc. Grace made a pivot to her left then fed Audrey who was cutting up the left side. The striker carried the ball across the 18 and ripped a shot that squeezed between the Ajax goal keeper and the left post for the games only score.

The Devils pressed on the next possession and worked a chance inside the 18 once again, ending with a shot from Marlene that sailed over the cross bar.

The first half would end with another Devils scoring chance after a series of deflections pin-balled in the big box. Anna looked poised to get a big shot off from about 14 feet out, but the choppy turn in front of the goal mouth cruelly bit the Devils when the ball hit a divot and short hoped over her boot.

Hazel's punts were
a strength
The Devils started the second half with the wind and a setting sun in their faces. Ajax employed a possession game that worked in their favor early. Blessed with some exceptional speed up front, Ajax tested the Devils mids and backs with a number of combination plays that often resulted in lateral runs.

Ajax had a talented striker on the left side that was able to work several scoring chances from that side after short combinations by the mids moved the ball up the left sideline. Lindsay adapted her game to the tactic and was able to recognize the play much sooner. This enabled the Devils to focus more attention on the midfield where Ajax was beginning to mount a strong push.

Hazel was forced to step up her game and made several stops on long lofting shots that got past the backs. She gave Ajax no second opportunities, gloving every shot, including a bullet that came from the left side in the 48th minute.

Game Positives –-

- Aggressive approach to the ball
- Took shots from distance
- Adapted to the opponents game

Development Areas --

- Playing the triangle from a defensive perspective
- Communication
- Playing the ball back to the goalie

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring 2012 Game Schedule

3/31SAT3:00pmAJAX East BaySunnyvale (SSC 1)RED
4/07SAT11:00amSF Athena Sunnyvale (SSC3)RED
4/14SAT 1:30pm@ SCC Breakers AptosAptos (Cabrillo College Track Field)WHITE
4/15SUN9:00am@ MTH LightningSan Jose (Chaboya MS Track)WHITE
4/28SAT9:30am@ AJAX East BayAntioch (Creekside Way Field #1)WHITE
5/1TUE6:30pmLos Gatos WildcatsSunnyvale (SSC1)RED
5/05SAT2:15pm@ SF AthenaSan Francisco (Crocker Amazon #2)WHITE
5/12SAT1:00pmSCC BreakersSunnyvale (SSC3)RED
5/19SAT1:00pmMTH Lightning Sunnyvale (SSC1)RED


4/1/12Ajax East Bay 991-0 WAudreyHazel
4/7/12SF Athena 2-1 LMarleneHazel
4/14/12@ SCC Breakers3-0 WAnna (2), MarleneHazel
4/15/12@ MTH Lightning2-2 TAudrey, MarleneKelly (.25), Anna (.25), Hazel (.5)



- Marlene 3
- Anna 2
- Audrey 2

Goal Keeper:

- Hazel - Gms: 3.5 / GA: 2 / GAA: 0.57 / Shutouts: 2
- Kelly - Gms: .25 / GA: 1 / GAA: 4.00 / Shutouts: 0
- Anna - Gms: .25 / GA: 1 / GAA: 400 / Shutouts: 0

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Torneo di Presidenti Tournament Info

Saturday Feb 18th

Game 1 --
- Jersey Color: RED
- Warm Up Time: 8:30am
- Game Time : 9:15am
- Opponent : San Ramon Azuri 98 White
- Location : Cubberly Community Center (4000 Middlefield Rd, Palo Alto) [Map]

Game 2 --
- Jersey Color: WHITE
- Warm Up Time: 2:30pm
- Game Time : 3:20pm
- Opponent : Pacifica United Thunder 97
- Location : Cubberly Community Center (4000 Middlefield Rd, Palo Alto) [Map]

Sunday Feb 19th

Game 3--
- Jersey Color: WHITE
- Warm Up Time: 2:00pm
- Game Time : 2:45pm
- Opponent : Hayward YSL United
- Location : Mayfield Soccer Fields - South (El Camino & Page Mill Rds, Palo Alto) [Map]

Consolation Game : 6:00pm (@Mayfield SO)

Championship Game : 6:20pm (@Mayfield NO)

Schedule is also available online:

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Stanford Classic Lineup

Friday 8/19
Warm ups: 4:15pm
Game Time: 5:00 PM
Location: Cubberley Fields #1

Saturday 8/20
Warm ups: 7:15am
Game Time: 8:00 AM
Location: Cubberley Fields #1

Sunday 8/21
Warm ups: 8:30am
Game Time: 9:20 AM
Location: Cubberley FB

Game 4: Pending match results

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Devils take 4th at Spring D2 Cup - Gold Division

Devils Team D2 Cup Jun 2011

The Devils wrapped up the Spring soccer season with an impressive showing at the D2 Cup Tournament this past weekend, taking 4th place. The girls landed a spot in the Consolation Final on Sunday night and would battle to a 2-2 draw with the Alpine Bobcats, before losing 3-2 in the shootout on a dark Mountain View High School field.

The Devils seemed poised to make a dent in the Gold flight of the U13 Girls tournament, but a rough start prevented the girls from qualifying for the Championship game. Sunnyvale dominated play in the tournament opener against the Los Gatos Wildcats, but they couldn’t capitalize on several chances in front of the Los Gatos goal.

Courtney missed what should have been a gimee in the fifth minute of the game after a shot slipped past the Los Gatos keeper, but her shot on an empty net sailed wide of the goal. Audrey missed on another golden chance in the 18th min putting a shot from the top of the box into the keepers chest.

Los Gatos scored in the 45th minute on a free kick from just outside the 18 after the Devils were whistled for a foul.

The girls would bounce back in Saturday’s nightcap, taking a 2-0 decision over the Santa Cruz Breakers. Audrey chipped home a deflection in the 45th min after E started a run on the left side to provide the Devils with all the scoring they would need.

Christene punched home a second goal in the 54th min after a throw in. Audrey worked the ball from right to left, slipping a pass to Christene near the top of the 6. The subsequent shot hit the diving Breakers keeper in the hands before deflecting in to the goal.

The Devils secured their spot in the Consolation Final with an exciting 1-0 win over the MVLA Typhoons on a late goal.

The scoreless opening half was controlled by MVLA, but the game was reminiscent of the Devils opening round loss 24 hours earlier. The Devils started to turn things on at the 40 min mark, creating a series of scoring chances.

Marlene deposited the game’s lone goal off a corner kick in the 58th minute, after the ball was chipped across the middle of the big box.

The Devils were forced to play an abridged game to decide who would take the 3rd spot in the tournament after the Championship game ran late. With darkness approaching, the Devils and Bobcats played two 20-minute halves.

Sunnyvale took the early lead after Courtney ripped a shot from 15-feet out after chipping the ball past a defender past midfield and racing in on net. Alpine countered in the 2nd half streaking past the Devils defense before chipping a break into the net in the 31st minute.

It looked as if Sunnyvale would take the game in regulation, when Audrey punched home a goal with under 5 minutes to play, but the Bobcats converted a long shot with 2 minutes left in regulation.

Overcast skies and a setting sun denied the two teams from setting things in an overtime session, so the two teams immediately went to the shootout, where the Bobcats converted on 4 of 5 shots. The Devils converted on 3 of 4, before their final shot hit the crossbar to end the tournament.

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Monday, May 16, 2011

5/14/11 Game Recap (2-1 Win)

Devils @ Portola Valley

There are dramatic wins, and then there are games like last Saturday’s affair deep in the hills of Portola Valley that leave you speechless. With only seconds remaining on the clock, the Devils pulled off the unthinkable with a wild goal that helped push them back atop the CCSL U12G Silver Elite Standings.

Playing in the final road game of the Spring season, the Devils looked to hop-scotch past SF Athena by beating the host Alpine Bobcats at Russ Miller Town Center Field. Nestled in the hills west of Palo Alto, in what can only be described as slice of heaven on earth, the small field was surrounded by nothing but beautiful green trees and rolling hills.

The serenity that is Portola Valley was rocked by a goal late in the contest to give the Devils a 2-1 win. The game winning goal materialized after a mad scramble by the Devils to get the ball deep into the Alpine zone. Knowing that time was against them, the girls from Sunnyvale got the ball to the right corner, where Courtney sent a cross to the area in front of the small box.

Audrey got her forehead on the ball, sending a high arching volley back toward the right corner of the goal. Marlene was Johnny-on-the-spot for a chip-shot off her right foot that floated over the outstretched hands of the Bobcats goal keeper and over the goal line.

The center referee allowed the ensuing kickoff, then immediately blew his whistle, ending the heart-pounding game as time expired.

The finish setup the Devils with a chance to take the top spot in the league with a victory on Saturday when the girls faceoff against the Juventus Comos at Sunnyvale Soccer Complex. While the outcome was well deserved, it could have been a very different game.

Sunnyvale looked as if they would blitz the Alpine defense early, forcing the action in the Bobcats zone for the first 15 minutes of play. There was also not shortage of shots on net by the Devils, who created several scoring chances early.
Audrey got the first shot on goal in the 2nd minute of play, ringing a blast off the left post after streaking up the left side. Courtney setup another great scoring chance 5 minutes later with a pretty cross that Grace just missed tapping home from the doorstep.

The Devils took a 1-0 lead in the 10th minute, when Audrey chipped a rebound off the Bobcats keeper home from the center of the small box. Courtney setup the goal by lifting a cross from the right corner that was partially blocked by the goal keeper.

Alpine decided to kick things into gear midway through the opening half. They turned the tide with a flurry of shots. Karsyn helped the Devils retain the lead with a big deflection from inside the 18 right before half time.

The Devils tried to add to their lead early in the second half, when Courtney sent in a shot in the 34th minute that was gloved by the Alpine keeper. Marlene followed that up with a blast 6 minutes later.

Things started to turn south on the Sunnyvale girls in the 45th minute when Karsyn was issued her first yellow card, after colliding with a Bobcat player.

The Bobcats would create a prime scoring chance moments later, but Kelly made the save of the game, trapping the shot with her chest, before clearing it from the right side of the goal line after the ball was passed to a Bobcat forward on the right side.

Alpine capitalized on a Devils miscue in the 50th minute. Karsyn tried to head a high arching kick at the midline, but the ball deflected back toward the Devils goal. A Bobcats forward got a jump on Ruhi and she was off to the races. Hazel played the breakaway chance perfectly, coming off the line to challenge the shooter, but the Bobcat, chipped a shot to her right, knotting the game at 1-1.

The Devils would spend the next 9 minutes and 50 seconds trying to figure out a way to get a ball into the Alpine net. They cracked the problem with Marlene’s heroics late.

Game Positives—

The girls created scoring in the clutch when they needed it, never giving up on a chance to win the game. They also created several great chances early by really utilizing well-timed lead passes and combinations.

Development Areas—

After scoring the opening goal, the girls let their feet off the gas, allowing the opposing team to build momentum. A significant number of turnovers were created by Devils players kicking the ball to space with no recipient in the vicinity. The midfielders were also either under or over-committed, which exposed the middle of the field. This created far too many turnovers and subsequently, more offensive chances for Alpine.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

5/8/11 Game Recap (1-1 Tie)

Sometimes you just have one of those games. Clinging to the points lead in the CCSL Bay Silver Elite Division for U12 girls, the Devils let a flurry of opportunities slip through their fingers on Sunday night, and with it the top spot in the standings. They didn’t lose, but failed to capture the win and the three points that goes with a victory, tying Santa Clara Sporting Green 1-1 at the Sunnyvale Soccer Complex.

The Devils scored a goal with 5 minutes remaining in the game to avoid their first loss of the season. Ace’s heroics helped the Devils stave off defeat by punching home a goal from 25-feet, looping a shot over the Sporting goal keeper to help Sunnyvale rally late.

The game was a frustrating one for Sunnyvale, who dominated most of the contest, but failed to convert on a bundle of chances in front of the Santa Clara goal.
Jess Jess opened the affair with the games 1st shot in the 7th minute, a nice scoring opportunity that she sent up the middle. The sporting keeper gloved the shot with a diving stop to her right.

Marlene would follow up the scoring chance with an play in the 14th minute. Once again the Sporting keeper was up to the task.

The Devils midfielders controlled the centerline, preventing any serious chances from approaching the Sunnyvale goal. Clara, Darcie and Grace played an exceptional first half, moving the ball well laterally.

Sunnyvale generated a nice chance on net right before halftime, when Marlene split two defenders in the 24th minute and sent a shot on net that was stopped by a diving save.

The complexion of the game changed in the second half. Sporting created more offensive chances by playing aggressively to the ball. They would score in the 36th minute after a goal punt fell short. Sporting intercepted the ball just outside the 18 and floated a shot over Hazel for the easy tally.

The Devils would go to work in an attempt to draw even with Santa Clara. Audrey missed on a golden chance on a through ball in the 49th minute pushing a shot just wide of the right post.

Recognizing that they needed to gain control of the ball in order to create any offense, Kelly went on a rampage from her midfielder position, tracking down balls and bumping players off the ball for the better part of the half. She created the turnover that led to Grace’s goal.

With the clock ticking down, Sporting made one final push, generating a shot in the game’s final seconds that rang off the post. Hazel tracked back to the ball and swept it to safety as two Sporting forwards tried to collapse on the rebound. The whistle sounded, allowing the Devils to escape with a point.

Game Positives—

The girls showed great tenacity in their attempt to rally from the one-goal deficit late in the game. The play by the midfielders was exceptional in the last 20 minutes of the contest, which allowed the team to score the equalizer.

Development Areas—

The lack of focus in the final 2 minutes of the game could have proved costly. Trapping continues to be an area that is hurting the team. That skill allowed the opposition to penetrate as deeply as they did on the game’s final rush. The outcome of the game may have been much different had the forward line players taken more shots. There were several instances where the ball was held too long.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

5/1/11 Game Recap (0-0 Tie)

The Devils battled to a hard fought 0-0 tie against the MVLA Typhoons Blue on Sunday at Hillview Park in Los Altos. The girls were looking to put together back-to-back win after their strong performance against the SCC Breakers a week earlier. The game came down to a battle of defenses, but neither team would buckle in the scoreless deadlock.
Both squads focused on ball possession during the opening minutes of the contest. MVLA used their exceptional ball handling skills to package a pair of attacks earlier in the game.

The Devils 1st big chance in the game came in the 24th min. The Devils midfielders moved the ball from left to right off a throw in, setting up a scoring chance. Audrey, Grace and Marlene worked a combination play to the top of the 18 for a shot that just missed wide right.

MVLA countered moments later, driving the Devils net. Hazel made a huge save in the 29th minute deflecting a rocket wide left with a lunging fist that punched the ball safely over the cross bar.

That play was the lone scoring chance that MVLA would have on the afternoon. The backline corps of Ruhi, Karsyn, Lindsay, Jess and Christene stymied the Typhoons most of the afternoon.

Marlene setup another Devils chance with a shot off her left foot in the 40th min that was gloved by the MVLA keeper.

Courtney followed that up with a with a blast in the 47th min that once again needed to be gloved.

Both defenses clamped down on the opposition as the game worn on. Neither of the teams could muster many offensive chances as the clock wound down. It was a great display of two very evenly matched teams.

Game Positives—

Combination plays were the theme of the afternoon, and the girls did a great job of working the ball to each other. They are becoming more and more confident with their passing, and have established a nice tempo when moving the ball into the attacking zone.

Development Areas—

Free giveaways off mishandled passes continues to be an area that needs plenty of supplemental attention. This is a team weakness that has nullified several attacks.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

4/23/11 Game Recap (6-0 Win)

Jess carries the
ball up field
The Devils extended their hot streak with a resounding 6-0 victory over the Santa Cruz County (SCC) Breakers on Saturday at the Sunnyvale Soccer Complex. As the Bay Area weather begins to heat up, so goes the Devils offense, which was firing on all cylinders. Five different Devils contributed to the scoring in the goal-fest.

Early indications suggested that the field was tilted in the Devils favor. The offense pushed deep into the Breakers zone immediately after the opening whistle and created a pair of scoring chances that were suppressed by the visitors.

Audrey kicked off the scoring in the 8th minute after Courtney sent a diagonal pass from the right side. Audrey gathered the ball at the top of the 18 and rifled home her 4th goal of the season.

She would score a minute later after Karsyn sent a long free kick from the Devils side of midfield. The Breakers had been called for a handball, and the lofting drive by the Devils stopper caught the Breakers back-liners off guard.

Hazel secures a shot
Courtney punched home the Devils 3rd goal in the 12th minute after Kelly carried the ball up the left sideline and sent a cross to the box.

The play of the game came right before half. Kelly and Audrey connected on a four-pass combination play along the left sideline that was a sight to behold. It was a great demonstration of the girl’s small ball skills, but more importantly it showed the maturity of the players as they unselfishly worked off each other to advance the ball.

The Devils picked up right where they left off to start the 2nd half. Marlene sent a blast from the right side in the 33rd min that was gloved by the Breakers keeper.
The Breakers regrouped to mount an offensive charge, but the defenders, led by Ruhi snuffed out the attack. Jess Jess used some deft ball handling to navigate around three attackers on one sequence to move the ball out of the Sunnyvale zone.

Darcie maintains possession
Clara chipped home her 1st goal of the season in the 44th min after Courtney bounced a shot of the keeper. The midfielder pinched from her spot on the left side, streaking past a Breakers defender before one-timing the shot into the SCC net.

Grace made it 5-0 after chipping a long rebound over the keeper from 45 feet out. The center midfielder intercepted a ball 10 yards inside the midfield line then sent a high arching shot on goal that sailed over the keeper’s outstretched hands for her 2nd goal of the season.

Christene capped the scoring in the 55th minute by chipping home a deflection from the left side. Darcie and Clara worked the ball into the box before creating a scoring chance that the SCC keeper was able to get a hand on. Christene followed it up to record her first goal of the season.

Getting a chance at forward, Lyndsay put together a nice scoring chance with a long breakaway that was followed by a shot on goal that just missed wide of the right post.

Game Positives—

Scoring was the name of the game, and the girls were relentless when given the opportunity. Putting shots on net paid dividends. This has been a point of contention early in the season, but they answered with a strong showing. The combination plays are becoming a more frequent occurrence, which is showing the development of the girls as soccer players. Much of the scoring was setup by very accurate passing, which is also starting to show great improvement.

Development Areas—

With the opportunity to move players around to different positions, it was apparent that some of the girls were out of their element. This led to a breakdown in fundamentals, like basic defensive positioning. As the girls advance to higher levels of play, they need to be prepared to take on any position, and with it the responsibility of maintaining basic fundamentals.

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

4/17/11 Game Recap (1-1 Tie)

Ace battles for
the ball
The Devils played their second consecutive game on the road on Sunday and battled the Los Gatos Wildcats to an entertaining 1-1 tie. The Devils scored early in the opening half then surrendered a goal right before halftime, before trading plenty of scoring chances in the deadlock.

The big story of the day was Hazel, who made her Devils debut in goal. The Sunnyvale goalkeeper made an impressive first impression, making several big saves to help the Devils secure a point with the tie.

The Devils set the tone early in the contest, controlling the offensive zone for the better part of the opening half. A Wildcats handball was called 30 feet out in the 8th minute. Karsyn launched a high free kick that skipped through the small box before skipping wide left. Sunnyvale failed to put a body on the ball for a deflection.

Audrey would find the back of the net in the 11th minute after drilling a shot from the top of the 18 after Grace slid a pass to the slot from the left side of the field.

Kelly made a spot start at the sweeper position, playing the position for the first time in a while. She helped control the backline and quarterbacked the defense. Lindsay and Jess used their respective strengths to keep the Wildcat forwards in check on the outside for the majority of the opening half.

Hazels' BIG save
Los Gatos chipped the ball past the Sunnyvale backline to create a break in the 20th minute, but Hazel made a massive save, deflecting a chest-high shot by extending her left arm over the crossbar.

The Wildcats tied it in the 24th min after a pass similar to the one that netted the Devils their goal was slipped from left to right across the top of the 18. A Wildcats forward gathered the ball and ripped a shot inside the left post.

Both teams had a chance to go ahead in the 2nd half, but the defenses stood tall. The Devils best chance came in the 41st minute when a pin-balling chance found its way to Darcie who drilled a shot that barely cleared the crossbar.

The midfielders played an excellent controlled game, leaning on their small ball skills, especially under heavy pressure.

Grace and Courtney would team up for a nice wall pass sequence that created a scoring chance early in the half.

E setup another scoring chance by applying an aggressive dose of pressure in the left corner after the Devils pushed a ball deep. She would force a turnover before sending a centering pass to Grace near the top left corner of the big box.

Audrey with the pull-back
Darcie and Christene would send a constant stream of through balls to Courtney on the right side all game long. The trio teamed up for tree nice offensive chances in the 2nd half.

A centering feed from the Wildcats midfield setup another scoring chance late in the game. Once again, Hazel came up big, deflecting a ball safely out of bounds with a sliding tackle after a Los Gatos forward got a step on the Devils defense.

Clara got a big foot on the ensuing Wildcat corner kick to steer the ball safely out of the Devils end.

Game Positives—

The girls applied plenty of pressure in the opening half, which resulted in an early goal. They generated most of their offense by stringing together short, accurate passes. The midfielders led the way, utilizing some nifty dribbling to keep possession of the ball. The goalkeeping was super!

Development Areas—

Defensive positioning allowed several scoring chances for the opposition. Some of this was caused by an urgency to overload one side of the field, and forget about forwards on the weak side of the field.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Welcome Darcie

The Newest Devil
The Devils family would like to extend a big welcome to Darcie, the newest member of the team. The midfielder joins us after a stint with the SASC Blades. She’s already demonstrated that she’s a great fit and has made a seamless transition onto the roster.

The girls continued their tradition of picking a nickname for each player, and they anointed her as "Dora!" Don't ask us where they come up with this stuff.

Please join the coaches in welcoming Darcie and her family to the Devils!

4/9/11 Game Recap (2-0 Win)

The Devils played another strong game on Saturday, taking their second consecutive win to open the Spring season. Sunnyvale scored a goal in each half and held off a feisty West Valley Surefire squad 2-0 at the Prospect High School turf field.

The Devils played a very impressive game, focusing on ball control and combination plays. There was no shortage of offensive chances on either side of the halftime break, as the Devils pressed in the offensive zone in 30 minute segments.

Courtney put on a shooting display, sending a series of balls on goal from her forward position. Her first chance came on a through ball from Katrina in the 4th minute. She took the feed up the right side before snapping a shot that was gloved by the Surefire goalkeeper.

She would take another shot from 15 feet less than three minutes later that was headed to the upper right corner before being gloved again by the West Valley keeper.

Darcie and E turned in very strong games from the midfield. Darcie showed off her ball handling skills on several occasions, dribbling around defenders before setting up several combinations. E was a force on the left side, applying an up-tempo performance that caused several turnovers. She showed off her diversity by finishing the afternoon on the back line.

The Devils would crack the scoring deadlock in the 23rd minute, when Grace pumped a pass from the left sideline past the keeper for her first goal of the season. The center-midfielder received the ball at the top of the 18, before squaring herself to the goal and firing the shot home.

Sunnyvale began to employ more back passing as the Surefire forwards began to press. Lindsay and goaltender Akayla teamed up to safely clear a threat with a back pass to the box.

The shots would continue to come in the 2nd half. Courtney ripped another shot that sailed just wide right of the goal 2 minutes in.

Jess and Ruhi came up big in the 40th minute when they snuffed out an offensive chance by the Surefire deep in the Devils zone. Jess trapped a crossing attempt inside the box, pushing the ball out with several Surefire players circling her. Ruhi would sweep a return feed out to the right side, before lifting is safely to midfield.

The Devils would cap the scoring with a goal in the 45th minute. Once again, Courtney fired a shot from the right side that the Surefire keeper deflected into the small box. Audrey swooped in from the off forward position and beat a defender to the ball with a sliding shot that found the back of the net.

Game Positives—

The combinations are starting to become a strength of the team. They employed several passing sequences that created plenty of offensive chances throughout the afternoon. A lack of shots on goal was an issue in the fall season. This was a direct result of the absence of extended passing sequences. Saturday’s game showed how multiple passes can create offensive chances.

Development Areas—

Trapping continues to be an area that requires more attention. The girls surrendered the ball on too many occasions because trap attempts bounced away. High balls were a specific trouble spot.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

4/3/11 Game Recap (3-1 Win)

Darcy makes her Devils debut
The Devils kicked off the 2011 CCSL Spring Season with an impressive 3-1 win over the defending CCSL Silver Elite Champion MP Strikers on Sunday at the Sunnyvale Soccer Complex. The Devils shrugged off an early 1-0 deficit and stormed back with three unanswered goals to kick off the spring season in impressive fashion.

The team welcomed new midfielder Darcie to the lineup, who played a great game, controlling the right side for most of the afternoon. Her Mom tells us she was a little nervous about making her Devils debut, but she looked as cool as a cucumber whenever she had the ball at her feet.

Overall, the girls looked fantastic out of the gate. Having a reputation as notoriously slow starters, the off-season running program that was managed by Mike Gallagher paid immediate dividends for the team. Endurance was a non-factor the entire afternoon and team speed played a role in the victory.

Things got off to a rocky start when the Strikers converted in just the 8th minute of play. The Devils opponent put a shot on net from the top left corner of the 18, that deflected off a Devils defender. Akayla, the Devils goalkeeper, was in position to make the save on the initial shot, but the deflection made a stop an impossibility. It would be the only Devils blemish on the afternoon.

Audrey celebrates her goal
Sunnyvale would counter 6 minutes later when Audrey slipped past the MP defense off a long free kick by Karsyn from midfield. Beating two defenders, Audrey gathered the pass outside the 18, cut left and slipped a shot past the Strikers keeper to tie the game

Courtney made it 2-1 in the 21st minute, after Grace sent a pretty corner in from the left side. The speedy forward used her ball skills rather than her speed to convert the goal, chipping a shot on goal before the ball could hit the ground. Kelly positioned herself perfectly in front of the Strikers keeper, screening her view. By the time the keeper picked up the shot, it was through legs.

The Strikers showed why they were league champions later in the period, stringing together a series of attacks on the Devils net. Akayla made a big save right before half by stopping a 15 foot rocket with a big chest save.

The Devils backline would suppress the Strikers offense, led by Ruhi who calmly swept a handful of through-balls safely to the sidelines. Her defensive timing was spot on as usual.

Christene starts the attack
The outside defenders forced the Strikers to focus on central attacks, because they took away the outside lanes. Lindsay and Christene used their speed to track down equally quick Striker forwards.

Audrey added a second goal in the 46th minute after Courtney sent a cross from the right side. The MP keeper got both hands on the ball but couldn't contain it. Audrey swooped in from the left side punching it home with a sliding stab at the ball.
Clara, E and Katrina all had strong games in the middle, tying up the Strikers attack and moving the ball well.

The Devils keeper came up big at the end of the game, stopping a series of shots from a variety of distances.

Game Positives—-

The girls did a great job capitalizing on their opportunities in front of the net. That was a problem area last season, but they showed great improvement by getting the ball into the attacking zone and putting shots on net. Overall, team hustle was very evident. The girls are improving on attacking the ball and moving to space. They also consistently improve on their decision making, especially under pressure. As the girls transition to a new offensive format, they are coming along well in interpreting how that format can be used to beat opposing defenses. Making that adjustment is no easy task, especially since they’ve played a different format for so long.

Development Areas--

There was a tendency to kick the ball forward when there was no pressure. This would result in unnecessary turnovers. Through ball passes could also use some work. Receiving the ball in the air continues to be an area that the team can improve on as a whole. The Strikers used this skill to great advantage.

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring 2011 Game Schedule

4/3/11 (9:00am) League Game #1: vs MP Strikers 98 Blue - @ Sunnyvale Soccer Complex [MAP] 3-1 W (Goals: Audrey (2), Courtney. GK: Akayla (1))

4/9/11 (4:00pm) League Game #2: @ West Valley Surefire 98 - Location: Prospect High School [MAP] 2-0 W (Goals: Courtney, Grace)

4/17/118 (9:00am) League Game #3: @ Los Gatos Wildcats - Location: Fisher Middle School [MAP] 1-1 T (Goals: Audrey)

4/23/11 (11:30am) League Game #4: SCC Breakers 98 - @ Sunnyvale Soccer Complex [MAP] 6-0 Win (Goals; Audrey (2), Christene, Clara, Courtney, Grace)

5/1/11 (5:30pm) League Game #5: @ MVLA Typhoons Blue - Location: Hillview Field [MAP] 0-0 Tie (Goals: None)

5/8/11 (6:00pm) League Game #6: Sporting 99 Green - @ Sunnyvale Soccer Complex [MAP] 1-1 Tie (Goals: Grace)

5/14/11 (10:30am) League Game #7: @ Alpine Bobcats 98 Red - Location: Russ Miller Town Center Field[MAP] 2-1 Win (Goals: Audrey, Marlene)

5/21/11 (1:30pm) League Game #8: Juventus Cosmos - @ Sunnyvale Soccer Complex [MAP] 1-1 Tie (Goals: Audrey)

CCSL Bay Silver Elite League [Standings]

Team Stats
Season Record: 4W-0L-4T (16 points) - 3rd Place
Team Goals Scored: 16 (2.00 GFA)
Team Goals Allowed: 5 (0.62 GAA)
Team Shutouts: 3

Individual Stats
Goals Scored:
Audrey - 7
Courtney - 3
Grace - 3
Christene - 1
Clara - 1
Marlene - 1

Goals Allowed (Goaltending):
Akayla - 1 (0.50 GAA) - 2.00 games
Hazel - 4 (0.66 GAA) - 6.00 games

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Devils Recruiting


The Devils are looking to expand their current roster and will be participating in the SASC Age Group Tryouts on December 4th. Girls born between 8/1/1998 and 7/31/1999 are eligible for U12 tryouts for the Spring 2011 season. The club will be holding joint age group tryouts to place players on the Devils 98 (Class 1), Blades 98 (Class 3) and Revolution 98 (Class 3).

Interested players should pre-register here.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

10/10/10 Game Recap (1-0 Loss)

Sometimes the scoreboard can be a cruel thing. Just a day after dropping an evenly matched contest, the Devils dropped their second consecutive 1-0 decision even though they played well enough to win. Facing off against the second ranked team in the league, the Devils lost a heartbreaker to the Menlo Park Strikers at Burgess Field.

The Devils turned in another strong performance, worthy of a victory, but they would fall on a lone goal. Both teams would spend the better part of the first half feeling out openings in the defense.

Grace played one of the best games of the season at center midfield, controlling the middle against a skilled Strikers team. Playing on a large field, she was forced to cover significant ground throughout the game.

Menlo Park had exceptional ball control skills, which forced the Devils to focus pursuing the play. They would generate the game’s only score after intercepting a goal kick that fell short in the 34th minute. A Strikers forward would pooch a 35-foot rainbow shot that just cleared Jess Jess in goal, to put Menlo Park up 1-0.
Marlene would fire a 25-foot shot in the 40th minute after receiving a ball outside the box. The shot would be snared by the Strikers goalkeeper chest high.

The Devils would generate their best scoring chance with 12 minutes to play. A corner chance found its way into the small box where it deflected off a Devils forward. The ball was played in the air by two more players, before landing on Marlene’s boot for a shot attempt that floated over the crossbar.

The Strikers did a nice job of suppressing the Devils runs which limited more scoring opportunities late in the game.

Game Positives—

Opening Up the Offense:
The girls focused on getting more balls on goal, which resulted in more scoring chances than the previous game. We will continue to focus on generating more scoring chances by putting balls on net.

Midfield Play:
The mids helped control the tempo of the game by covering a lot of ground all afternoon.

Development Areas—

Controlling the First Touch: This was the development theme of the weekend. The girls could have reduced turnovers with improved ball control.

High Traps:
Knocking down balls that are waist high (and higher) continues to be area the girls are struggling with. Controlling high balls with a foot was a recipe for disaster, allowing through balls to pass the fullbacks on several occasions.

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10/9/10 Game Recap (1-0 Loss)

The Devils faced off against a familiar opponent on Saturday, dropping a close 1-0 decision to the Orchard Valley Rampage at the Sunnyvale Soccer Complex. The contest was a typical Devils-Rampage affair, well played and tightly contested. The Devils would come up short, but the score didn’t do their performance justice. There was no reward for the solid play turned in by the girls.

The Rampage would capitalize early, scoring the game’s only goal on a shot that found the upper left corner of the goal at the 7 minute mark.

The remainder of the first half was a cat-and-mouse game between the two teams. The Devils defense would settle things on a strong performance by Christene, who shut down two Rampage strikers by blanketing them.

Clara would make the save of the game with a diving stop in the 19th minute. A sure goal was headed toward the left side of the goal, when she snared the shot by leaping to her right.

Lindsay took control of the ball with time winding down in the first half. Trapping the ball along the left sideline, she recognized there was open space and made the decision to carry it up the line, pushing the play into the offensive zone. She would get a cross off after taking the initiative to move up from her defensive position.

The Devils offense would kick things into gear in the 2nd half. Courtney would fire a shot that just cleared the top of the crossbar in the 43rd minute. Akayla would miss just wide of the right post 3 minutes later.

Kelly would turn in a solid performance in goal in the second half, denying the Rampage any space to maneuver the ball in front of the goal.

With time winding down, the Devils would get one last crack at tying the game. Akayla would intercept a clearing attempt, before launching a shot that just cleared the crossbar.

Game Positives—

Defensive Adjustments: The girls made the necessary defensive adjustments to suppress a very talented Rampage offense.

Generating Chances: The girls did a better job at generating scoring opportunities, especially in the second half.

Development Areas—

Controlling the First Touch:
Maintaining possession is critical as the level of play increases. Controlling the ball off the first touch is something the girls will focus as part of technical training.

Finishing: the scoring chances were there, but several shots were rushed when there was time to settle the ball and setup a higher quality shot.

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Monday, October 4, 2010

10/3/10 Game Recap (3-2 Win)

A day after the Devils dropped a tough 3-1 decision, they would rebound to defeat West Valley Surefire at the Sunnyvale Soccer Complex on Sunday, winning their first game of the season. The game was a nice turnaround from the setback that soured the start of the weekend less than 24 hours earlier.

The girls came ready to play and showed it with a flurry of scoring chances right out of the gate. Akayla put a nice header on goal just two minutes into the game, but a tall Surefire goal keeper would avert danger by gloving the ball.
Courtney would follow that up with a dive up the right side four minutes later, cranking a shot that sailed over the crossbar.

Karsyn's 1st goal clears the keeper
Kelly was fouled from behind in the 14th minute, setting up a free kick from 35 yards out. Playing from her stopper position, Karsyn was tasked with taking the kick. She would unload on the ball, launching a shot that cleared the Surefire keeper for her first league goal.

Courtney would make it 2-0 five minutes later after Marlene slid a pretty diagonal pass to the right corner. Courtney carried the ball on goal and ripped a shot that stretched the twine in the back left corner of the goal.

Audrey just missed putting the Devils up by three goals with two minutes remaining in the half, when her shot just missed wide left. The momentum would swing moments later.

Marlene played big on Sunday
Surefire would cut the Devils lead in half with less than a minute remaining before the intermission by bending a corner kick around Katrina’s glove.

They would strike while the iron was still hot, tying the game 40 seconds into the 2nd half. A Surefire forward slipped up the middle of the field and jumped pas a defender before snapping a point blank shot from just inside the 18.

It looked as if the game was tilting in West Valley’s favor, before the Devils pushed another ball deep into the Surefire zone. They would draw a corner kick, but the ensuing ball would pin-ball in the small bow for an eternity before being cleared to safety.

Celebrating the game winner!
The Devils would get the goal they needed to put them back on top from an unlikely source, when Karsyn converted her second goal of the game. Trapping a clearing attempt outside the 18, she would get her left foot on the ball, firing a shot to the right corner with ten minutes to play.

The play of the game would come with 5 minutes remaining, when E snagged a sure goal out of the air from her goal keeping position. Surefire worked the ball to the left side of the goal, where a forward ripped a chest high shot that was destined for the back of the net. Diving to her right, she would make a backhanded grab of the ball to preserve the Devils slim lead.

The defense would take over to shut down a final attempt by West Valley to score the equalizer. Ruhi would direct a solid backline in the second half, teaming up with Lindsay, Clara and Jess Jess to put the clamps on any comeback.

Game Positives—

Rebounding: In typical Devils fashion, the girls built on their loss from the day before and played with confidence. They showed no ill effects from setback and played with the enthusiasm that has made them so successful.

Defensive Positioning: The girls cleaned up some of the defensive positioning issues to takeaway opportunities from Surefires big shots.

Shot Quantity: The girls recognized that they need to shoot more to generate scoring. They addressed that by taking plenty of shots.

Focus Areas—

Shot Placement: The girls let several scoring chances slip away by putting shots directly on the goal keeper. Poise with the ball in shooting situations can be converted to more breathing room.

Timing Focus:
Surrendering a goal right before halftime provided a big momentum shift, which the opposition used to start the 2nd half. The girls relaxed right before halftime and it bit them. Recognizing that the opposition will push late in any half is something the girls need to be more cognizant of, especially at the direction of the coaches.

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10/1/10 Game Recap (3-1 Loss)

The Devils took one on the chin on Saturday afternoon in Los Altos, dropping a 3-1 decision to the MVLA Typhoons at Grant Park. It was a tale of missed early opportunities that were countered by a skilled opponent.

The first 15 minutes of the game seemed to point to a favorable outcome, as the Devils quickly gained control of the ball and drove on net for an offensive chance. The ensuing shot would sail over the crossbar, but it wouldn’t be the last time the Devils would put the ball on net.

They would quickly work another offensive chance when Akayla and Audrey teamed up for a scoring chance on the left side, but a shot attempt was gloved by the MVL A goaltender.

The Typhoons would finally crack the scoring column in the 18th minute, when a shot from the top of the 18 sailed over Grace’s head. The Devils goal keeper had no chance at stopping the high shot.

The Devils defense would drop their guard after the goal, providing another scoring chance two minutes later. With the Typhoons flooding the box with four players, a head ball landed on the foot of a midfielder 10-yards out, for the easy chip shot into the goal.

An unlucky play would cost the Devils midway through the 2nd half, when a shot attempt from the right side slipped past Karsyn, who was now covering the goal. The ball cut across the front of the goal, but a Devils defender accidentally redirected the ball into the goal for the 3-0 Typhoons lead.

True to the Devils spirit, the girls kept plugging and would get on the board with a minute remaining in the game.

Marlene would take a pass 25-yards out with her back to the goal. She would pivot to her left with a defender between her and the goal, then snap a shot that beat the Typhoons goaltender just inside the left post.

Game Positives—

Even with the game long decided, the girls kept playing the game. They would utilize one of the training skills that was implemented earlier in the week to convert their goal.

Focus Areas—

Skills Development:
The Devils opponent clearly demonstrated the value of the short game and ball handling skills. Controlling the ball is critical at this level as was evident on all four goals.

Trapping: Controlling balls in the air continues to be an area that needs attention. Two of the goals could have been averted has we controlled high balls.

Passing Accuracy: The absence of more precision with passing squelched several offensive chances throughout the game. This is one development area called out by the girls after the game.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Devils Win Palo Alto Talls Tree Tournament


The Devils turned a near perfect performance this past weekend at the Palo Alto Tall Trees Tournament, taking the U12 Girls Championship with four shutout victories. The girls advanced to the tournament championship game with three solid wins, then brought home the tournament title with a hard fought win over a talented Folsom Stryker squad.

The championship game pegged two teams that dominated in round robin play. The Devils scored the maximum number of points possible during that stage of the tournament, by winning, scoring at least three goals in each game and holding their opponent scoreless.

Kelly cranks a shot on goal
In the final, Sunnyvale scored in the opening minute of play and made the lone goal hold up in a 1-0 decision over Folsom. Audrey converted the game’s only goal with a shot from the top left corner of the 18 after receiving a booming free kick from Karsyn on the right side. A foul along the right sideline, setup the 35-yard feed from the Devils stopper.

The offensive chances were limited because of great defensive play by both teams, but the Devils made things exciting when given the opportunity. After the first half ended with the Devils up by the single goal, the Strykers were expected to turn up the heat. The Devils game plan was to try and force the offense in order to limit any Stryker scoring chances.

The girls would execute the game plan to perfection, limiting Folsom to two shots in the second half. The backline play of Ruhi, Lindsay, Christene, Karsyn, Clara and Jess Jess stifled the Strykers offense.

Grace, Kelly, E and Katrina controlled the middle and set up numerous chances with a constant stream of feeds.

Devils 4 – MCFC Blizzard 0

The Devils advanced on three big wins earlier in the weekend. On Saturday, the opened the tournament with a 4-0 win over the Monterey County FC Blizzard. After a scoreless first half, the girls went to work.

Akayla gets airborne
Akayla converted 4 minutes into the 2nd half after Courtney sent a pretty ball in from the right corner. Akayla trapped it n the box then slipped a shot just inside the right post, and the offense was off to the races.

The Devils appeared to convert on a crazy play that included three touches in the air. They would be called for offside on the play, nullifying the goal, but it was a testament to the juggling work that the girls focus on. They would convert moments after that on a 25-yard free kick from Grace that sailed over the keeper.

Courtney was credited with a goal two minutes later when her shot was gloved by the keeper but carried over the goal line. She would add another tally with 10 minutes to play on a penalty kick after Kelly was fouled in the box.

Devils 3 – Stanford Wildfire 0

The girls finished Saturday with another win, a 3-0 decision over young Stanford Wildfire squad. Akayla would set the tone with a header attempt in the 7th minute that just missed left of the goal.

Lindsay securing the backline
Marlene helped snap her teammates out of funk with a goal in the 24th minute, trapping a loose ball inside the 18 and chipping a shot just under the crossbar for the #1-0 lead. Kelly made it 2-0 with a nice dribble across the 18, before finishing with a shot that clipped the left post.

Grace capped the game’s scoring by intercepting a goal kick on the right side with three minutes to play, before cranking a shot that slipped under the cross bar.

Devils 5 – Marin Storm 0

The energy level picked up in the last game of round robin play on Sunday with the Devils taking a 5-0 decision over the Sonoma Storm. Big shots were the story of the game. Karsyn unleashed a booming attempt in the 4th minute that just missed left. Akayla would follow that up with a shot from inside the 18, that was blocked by the Sonoma keeper. Marlene would unleash a third attempt on goal in the 19th minute that sailed over the crossbar.

Grace following a shot
Courtney finally converted right before halftime by taking a long feed from Akayla up the right sideline and sliding a shot past the keeper to the left post. She would add a second goal a minute into the 2nd half, duplicating her initial tally with a shot from the same spot on the right side.

Akayla got into the act and made it 3-0 in the 34th minute, by carrying a feed up the left side and rifling a ball that found nothing but net.

Ruhi scores her 2nd goal
With the game in hand, position switches were made, including moving Ruhi up from her sweeper position to center forward. She would promptly score a pair of goals to cap the win. She converted with 7 minutes to play fighting off three defenders just inside the 18 then snapping a shot with her body squared to the right sideline.

She added a second tally 4 minutes later, carrying the ball through traffic and slipping a shot inside the right post.

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Monday, September 20, 2010

9/18/10 Game Recap (1-1 Tie)

Grace wins the ball
Sometimes you just need to be happy with the hand that you’re dealt and move on. The Devils missed a golden opportunity to secure their first win of the season against one of the stronger teams in the division on Saturday, but in the end were happy to get away with a tie. Playing on a hot and humid day in Santa Clara, the Devils squeaked out a 1-1 tie against Sporting 99.

The Devils could have made it a much different game had they converted on their early chances. The heat and humidity may have played a role in the games outcome for both teams, who looked lethargic out of the gate.

Akayla had a nice chance in the 4th minute of the game, punching a shot just short of the goal line after the Sporting goal keeper missed on a diving save. The ball was eventually cleared to safety, but the missed opportunity would bite the Devils.
Both teams had difficulty kick starting things in the first half, but Santa Clara would miss on a golden chance in the 37th minute when a lofting feed into the box was one-timed just wide of the left post.

Christene fights for position
Santa Clara would capitalize on a Devils miscue in the 40th minute, after a goal kick up the middle of the field fell short. A Sporting forward would scoop up the ball then race into the box and slide a pass to her left. A trailing forward punched the ball home for the 1-0 Santa Clara lead.

The Devils would rally late with a series of scoring chances. First Akayla took a feed from Audrey on the left side then pumped a shot as she was being tackled. The Sporting keeper gloved the shot, but it would be a taste of what was to come.
AK would setup another prime scoring chance 2 minutes later, with a chip pass to her right to Courtney, who unloaded a blast that was once again stopped by the SC keeper with a glove save.

Ruhi locked down the back line
Audrey would score the equalizer in the 56th minute, sending a shot from the left side of the 18, bouncing it off the right post and into the goal. She slipped a Sporting defender just outside the 18, before taking a step and putting some pop into the shot.

The Devils were able to manufacturer the equalizer because their defenders were locked on in that last 10 minutes. Ruhi played an exceptional game and was awarded Player of the Game.

Game Positives—

Perseverance: Once again, the girls showed that they’re never out of a game. Stepping up the pressure in the last 10 minutes of the game showed that they can compete in the Bay Silver Elite Division.

Sustaining Pressure: The Devils opponent was an exceptional passing team, but the Devils offset that to some degree by constantly pressuring the passer and with coverage as soon as the ball was received.

Development Areas-

Over-committing: Several players had a tendency to over-commit to one side of a player when attacking on defense. This resulted in opportunities for the SC ball-handlers to turn easily with the ball and get past the Devil defender.
Creating Offensive combination Plays: We’ve worked extensively on combination plays, which is something the Sporting squad utilized very well against us. This is a development area that will pay huge dividends for this team once they master this skill.

Shots from the Outside:
The girls could have created more scoring opportunities if they had simply put more balls on goal. They are generating zone penetration, but need to have more faith in their shooting. Putting their shots to the corners is something we need to develop more.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

9/12/10 Game Recap (0-0 Tie)

Akayla moving the ball up field
The Devils played their first road game of the season on a blustery day in Santa Cruz on Saturday. The girls turned in a solid performance to tie the host SCC Breakers 0-0 at Cabrillo College. The girls had plenty of scoring chances, but just couldn’t get the goal needed to grab their first victory of the season.

A hot Breakers goaltender was the star of the game, denying several chances in the offensive zone. The Devils controlled the tempo of the game for much of the first half, keeping the ball pinned in the Breakers zone.

Marlene and Audrey teamed up for a pair of scoring opportunities in the first half, but the ball would be smothered by the Breakers goal keeper on both occasions.
The midfield play was exceptional for the Devils, who kept the pressure on the Breakers with several feeds up both sidelines. Grace, Kelly and Clara had nice performances patrolling the middle of the field and sending nice leading passes when the situation warranted it.

Kelly & Courtney attack
The Breakers had a quick sweeper who contained the deep ball threats with her quickness and ability to clear away most of the dangerous balls that were sent across the mid-line. The first half would end without any scoring.

In typical fashion, the Devils turned up the heat in the second half. Sustained pressure deep in the Breakers zone would provide the first big chance for the Sunnyvale squad. A hand-ball call inside the Breakers 18 resulted in a penalty shot for the Devils, but the field was not properly marked. The referee paced off the yardage for the shot, but the ball was placed a good 6 feet beyond where the mark should have been painted.

Courtney would uncork a blast that was headed high center, but the extended length of the shot allowed the Breakers keeper to track the ball easily, knocking it down then pouncing on it.

Audrey fights for possession
Another call gave the Devils a free kick in the 53rd minute from 70 feet out. Karsyn put a big foot on the ensuing kick, launching a ball that found a seam in the defense and bounced six feet in front of the goal line. The Breakers keeper deflected the ball, but couldn’t control it. As it rolled through the box, she pounced on it before a Devils player could reach it.

The Devils defense played superbly, led by Lindsay’s strong showing on the outside. Ruhi and Christene did a great job of locking down the back end.

The offense literally took a hit in the last 4 minutes of the contest, when Courtney was forced off by a bloody nose as a result of an errant elbow.

Game Positives—

Implementing Skills: The team did a great job of infusing overlap runs, wall passes and more advanced passing sequences in their game, which resulted in better ball control.

Communication: The back liners are starting to orchestrate from their vantage point, which is helping to setup attacks and establish better defensive positioning. We’re discovering that several players actually have voices!

Development Areas-

Going in the Kill: The Devils had a few opportunities to establish more control in the offensive zone, but couldn’t generate the necessary scoring.

Swarming: Most of the quality scoring chances could have paid bigger dividends if there was follow through on the plays by the outside forwards. The Breakers keeper had some issue handling the ball on occasion, but there was no follow up pressure to take advantage of the situation.

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